The War Portrait

by TheTitanCourageous

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Oldy but goody


"Sonny, oh," they said, "what trouble's in the wind?"
"What new majic is this?"
Mourning on the moors in tongues of other worlds,
They'll pray recompense
When we drove those arrows in them
What departed - love like none had
Sent, we, words of wondrous glory
We might find life a long-horse
Oh, in watchful hours amidst the phantom fire
At equinox when evening's on the sky
And torches blow a wicked woe
They incant their spells on our gypsy hearts
For reasons more enchanting than the stars
Fight like like animals is all boys ever learn
"Look," said the gentlemen, "no one can beat us yet!"
Fight like animals is all we ever learn
"Books," said the gentlemen, "will tell our valiance!"
We trail the wreckage home
That fans the great, wide ocean
"Sonny, oh," they said, "we die every day"
"Right until the end, it's incredible"
So violent the night wraps around us both
Forcing my head in the lions mouth
Fierce like the voice in the wild woods
Writhing like lightning we suffer so
Til at last we fall in the face of God
And repent the rampage of youthful toil
Ageless where arms cover open wounds
Jeweled on my tomb for remembrance
And here I go on hoping...


released October 8, 2009




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