Western Latitudes

by TheTitanCourageous

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Our story follows a lone apparition riding 'cross the desert sand
Along with painted horse he wanders the earth and vows to one day be avenged
Now say what you will say, for you were only children then
Off he rides into the sunset, grips a pistol in his hand and swears by the stars:
"To San Cortez, across these barren lands, I will return again...just to love her 'til my heart stops!"
Our dusty rider by the well, tosses a coin and whispers to himself,
"You know all you'd have to do is turn away..."
But when he rides up it's quite desolate and he hears their spurs shimmer when he calls her name - then cannons blaze!
In San Cortez, when he shot every last man, she finally caught her breath - she said, "I'll love you 'til my heart stops..."
And so they say, two lovers rode away, into the twilit plains - never to be seen again
But old San Cortez lies out there in ruins, where you can hear the wind cry,
"I'll love you 'till my heart stops!"


released October 19, 2009




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